Occupational: Administrative Personnel

Customized assessment measuring total job fit for administrative positions

The Administrative Personnel occupational test measures an applicant’s Verbal Ability and Speed & Accuracy as well as other customer-facing work styles such as Attention to Detail, Dependability, and Stress Tolerance. These styles tie to the Department of Labor’s O*Net data and are critical to success in administrative and clerical roles. After the candidate takes the test, you will see an overall job compatibility score as well as separate scores for their personality and ability scales.

Zoom In On At A Glance
  • 13 Abilities & Work Styles:

    – Verbal Ability
    – Speed & Accuracy
    – Adaptability/Flexibility
    – Attention to Detail
    – Concern for Others
    – Cooperation
    – Dependability
    – Independence
    – Initiative
    – Integrity/Rule Following
    – Self-Control
    – Social Orientation
    – Stress Tolerance

Lens: Job Fit

Reading Level: 6th grade

Time: 45-60 minutes (Timed and untimed sections)

Uses: Selection, job alignment, performance

Who is it for?

Administrative personnel including office managers, administrative assistants, clerical workers, and entry-level staff

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