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With the cost of a bad hire as high as 150% of a person’s salary, organizations are turning to assessments to give them rich data to draw on when making people decisions: Who to hire, promote, send to a training, or include in a high potential program, etc. If you’re hiring just 1-2 people a year, a formal assessment program may not make sense (although you may still want insights on an individual’s management readiness, job/culture fit, or initiative and drive). But if you hire and promote on a regular basis, assessments can help you build a repeatable process that turns HR into a strategic business function with identifiable steps that you can evaluate, reinforce, and adapt as you grow!

Here’s a list of the ways our customers are using assessments and which ones they think are most effective at predicting performance.

10 ways our customers use our assessments (by percentage):

17.5% – Select final candidates (post-interview)
15.6% – Improve quality of hire
11.1% – Identify & develop leaders
10.8% – Rank job applicants
10.4% – Make hiring decisions more quickly
9.3% – Guide training & build development plans
7.3% – “Other” Answers
5.2% – Reduce turnover
4.8% – Create a legally defensible selection system
4.4% – Form & build teams
2.9% – Save my organization money

Top predictors of job performance (as ranked by our customers):

22.3% – Skills/Knowledge assessments
20.5% – Cognitive ability assessments
14.1% – Simulations
11.9% – Interviews
11.0% – Personality assessments

Data based on 2012 Q4 customer survey.

Are you using skill and ability assessments in your selection programs? Are they effective at predicting which candidates perform well?

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