5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Assessment for Employee Selection

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Are you implementing an assessment program for the first time? Here are five common mistakes to avoid when choosing an assessment for use in hiring:

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Choosing an assessment where the knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or work styles measured by the assessment are not job-relevant. Assessments used for employee selection should be related to the requirements of the job. Assessing for irrelevant characteristics leads to the perception by the applicant that the hiring process is unfair and will likely open the employer up to legal challenges.

Choosing an assessment that is not reliable. There are many assessments available that have not been developed using quality psychometric standards and are not reliable. An unreliable assessment cannot be valid and therefore will not be useful for hiring.

Choosing an assessment that has not been properly validated for the position (or similar position) being filled. Any assessment used for selection should be validated (that is, the scores should be statistically demonstrated to be related to successful job performance) on the position being filled. The publisher should provide related validity evidence and, ideally, the user should conduct a local validation when feasible.

Choosing an assessment for which there are no norms available that are appropriately similar to the position being filled. Data from a norm (comparison) group should be available that allows the user to compare an applicant’s score to the scores of peers in similar positions to the one being filled.

Choosing an assessment that is biased against a protected group. Any differences in scores should reflect actual differences in job performance among applicants, including applicants from protected populations. If it cannot be demonstrated that score differences relate to job performance, the assessment should not be used.

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