5 Ways Assessments Help the Job Seeker

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Many job seekers have a big distaste for pre-employment assessments. This makes sense given their image as a tool that knocks even talented people out of the recruiting process! Before organizations begin an assessment program, they need to make sure they’re using the right assessment for the right job (will it really predict performance in your job?). They also need to consider when and how to give the assessment. But taking an assessment has many fringe benefits for job seekers too.

Here are five ways assessments help the job seeker:

  • Assessments align people with the right jobs which leads to increased job satisfaction and less job-hopping, ultimately helping the candidate.
  • Assessments can help individuals see the skills needed to succeed in a position, especially if combined with a realistic job preview or simulation.
  • Assessments objectively reveal a person’s natural tendencies and strengths and can lead to a stronger sense of one’s calling in life, career path, or self-development needs.
  • Assessments identify individuals with leadership potential or the potential to benefit from extra development & training.
  • Assessments make a strong statement about a company’s commitment to investing in its workforce. If an organization invests in smart processes to bring in new talent, they will most likely invest in employees over the long term.

Start viewing your assessment program from your candidates’ view. Educate your applicants on the opportunity assessments give them to develop their skills, and ultimately, their career!

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