What is Your Thinking Style?

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What is your thinking style? Are you Analytical, Inquisitive, or Timely? Now you can find out for free with the My Thinking Styles™ assessment at ThinkWatson.com.

Our thinking styes assessment helps you learn the thinking styles you use most often in life to make decisions, solve problems, and innovate. Learning about your thinking style will help you not only understand the strengths you bring to the table because of your brain’s natural way of considering information, but also your blind spots.

For instance, if you favor a “Timely” thinking style you may rush to judgement in order to meet a deadline even though a better solution/idea was possible.
With the free basic My Thinking Styles™ report, you will learn about whether your thinking style is:

Analytical- Clear thinking, orderly, and rational
Inquisitive- Curious, alert, and interested in the surrounding world
Insightful- Prudent, humble, reflective and strategic
Open-Minded- Intellectually fair-minded and tolerant
Systematic- Conceptual, process-oriented, and intuitive
Timely- Efficient, reliable and responsive
Truth-Seeking- Independent, tough-minded, and skeptical

After you receive your free basic My Thinking Styles™ report, if you’d like to learn more you can download Now You’re Thinking! for your Kindle, iPad, or nook for only $9.99 at Amazon.com to see examples of how your thinking style operates in every day situations. (The print copy is available for pre-order and will be released on September 12th, 2011)

Now You’re Thinking! will help you dive further into your preferred thinking style and help you learn to maximize your thinking skills. Learn the questions to ask yourself when presented with a difficult situation to ensure that you’re not limiting your range of options. Also, the book presents practical tips for better decision making through the RED Model of Critical Thinking.

Get started on the path to better thinking now with the My Thinking Styles™assessment.

What is your Thinking Style?

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Breanne Harris is the Solutions Architect for Pearson TalentLens. She works with customers to design selection and development plans that incorporate critical thinking assessments and training. She has a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and has experience in recruiting, training, and HR consulting. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter for more of her thoughts.

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