Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test® – II

The leading selection tool for industrial and repair jobs just got better!

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test – II is the successor to one of the most widely used and extensively validated assessments of mechanical aptitude. For more than 60 years, this instrument has helped organizations select the best candidates for mechanical, repair, and industrial occupations. The BMCT-II can help identify candidates with good spatial perception and mechanical reasoning abilities, as well as with an aptitude for learning mechanical processes and tasks.

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  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Spatial Awareness and Visualization
  • Application of basic mechanical and physical concepts
  • Deduction of “how things work”

Lens: Industrial

Reading Level: Suitable for 6th grade and above

Timed: 25 minutes

Uses: Suitable for proctored and unproctored testing

Available in U.S. English

Compare – BMCT-II versus BMCT (2006):

*NEW* BMCT-II (2014) – Suitable for screening applicants in unsupervised or supervised testing scenarios. Highlights of the BMCT-II:

  • Online only item-banked test
  • 55 items
  • English
  • Items presented in color
  • 55 Items help decrease administration time (25 minutes)

BMCT (2006) – Suitable for supervised/proctored testing scenarios. Highlights of the BMCT (2006):

  • Two fixed form version (forms S and T)
  • Online in English and Spanish
  • Paper Version in English and Spanish
  • Items presented in black and white
  • 68 items, timed (30 minutes)

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Bennett Mechanical was developed in accordance with legal and professional guidelines embodied in the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures and the Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures.

Click below to download the 2016 Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test® (BMCT) Case Study to see how BMCT scores can have a strong impact on both revenue and turnover rates in your organization.

BMCT Case Study
BMCT Case Study

Sample Question

BMCT-II Sample 1

BMCT-II Sample 2

An individual who scores well on BMCT demonstrates an aptitude for learning mechanical skills. The test is also shown to predict training performance (r = .52) and job performance (r = .31) across many jobs and industries.