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The Danger of Short-Circuit Thinking

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Do you ever listen as the radio announcer shares breaking news? One morning within a two minute span I learned that 60 million people were in the path of a hurricane, students in the United States finished 17th worldwide in … Continue reading

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Want More Innovation? Try Developing Critical Thinking and Creativity.

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Successful innovation has become the proverbial Holy Grail for many organizations seeking to stay ahead of their competition. It is the answer for problems ranging from flat revenue to stodgy product design to a lackluster cafeteria menu. The “I” word … Continue reading

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Raven’s APM and Watson-Glaser: Comparing Two of the Best Cognitive Assessments

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When you think of assessing cognitive ability, two names come to mind in the crowded pre-employment marketplace: Raven’s™ Progressive Matrices and Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal. Both are feature-packed assessments with versatile administration and reporting capabilities and can be administered in … Continue reading

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See the TalentLens Team at Training Magazine

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The TalentLens team will be in Orlando at the Training Magazine Conference February 18-20th! Come see us at booth #406 and at our sunrise session on Tuesday. Sunrise Session Details: Training Magazine and TalentLens are partnering on an exclusive research … Continue reading

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5 Steps Anyone Can Take to Improve Their Thinking

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Think better, and you’ll gain greater clarity and wisdom and make a bigger difference in your organization and life. After years of being rewarded for results, it’s difficult to shift from action first to purposeful thinking. Without guidance on how … Continue reading

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Are You Looking at People With Jagged Resumes?

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In his book The Rare Find, George Anders provides a captivating look at how companies can spot exceptional talent. These are game-changing hires that breathe new life into their companies with well-rounded thinking and new perspectives — then execute like … Continue reading

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A Boomer’s Decision: When to Turn Over the Reins

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Leader’s Question: I thought it was odd that Jack Ma of Alibaba decided to retire at the age of 48 to “turn the reins over to a new generation.” At my company the Boomers are staying even longer than usual. … Continue reading

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What Types of Personalities Make Up Your Team?

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Do novel, out-of-the-box ideas sometimes get passed over too quickly in meetings because they’re not presented well enough? Do you have unnecessary tension and misunderstandings when two departments try to collaborate? By breaking down your team into a series of … Continue reading

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5 Ways Assessments Help the Job Seeker

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Many job seekers have a big distaste for pre-employment assessments. This makes sense given their image as a tool that knocks even talented people out of the recruiting process! Before organizations begin an assessment program, they need to make sure … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking Tip: Examine the Decision Point

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Critical thinking holds up, or breaks down, at the Decision Point – that moment when an individual or a team ends the discussion, and makes a decision that moves things forward. The better the critical thinking, the better the decision. … Continue reading

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