What are the Top Trends in Executive Development?

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The latest Trends in Executive Development report is ready, and the results may surprise you. With a record number of survey responses from CLO’s, Executives, Heads of Leadership Development, and Senior HR Leaders, it is clear that their most consistent concern is the inconsistent, ambiguous nature of the workplace today. New technology continues to both disrupt and accelerate the way we do business, global economies add complexity to strategy, and competing demands of multiple generations have the ability to distract emerging leaders from their ultimate responsibility- to define, communicate, and execute a vision for the organization.

2016-Trends-Report_1-300x243As we saw in the 2014 Trends in Executive Development Report, leaders from organizations like Starbucks, Verizon, GE, Microsoft, Amazon, Ford, Apple, Deloitte, and Disney all believe that the ability to create and communicate a vision is the single most important capability of next gen leaders, and they also reported that it is the competency most lacking in that same population.

Defining a vision for the future is more difficult than ever in this era of unprecedented change. Business models and customer needs shift so rapidly that a strong leader must be comfortable navigating a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world while making bold strategic decisions that mitigate risk. Interestingly, though, developing capabilities needed to achieve a vision and execute strategy only ranked 3rd on the list of Top Priorities for Executive Development Programs over the next 2-3 years.

For the first time in Trends Survey history, Cognitive Readiness burst onto the scene as a Hot Topic in Executive Development. Leaders now recognize that in order to think critically, one must first be able to direct and control their attention, quiet the mind, and identify patterns and anomalies. Cognitive readiness is the mental, emotional and interpersonal preparedness necessary for navigating a VUCA environment and thinking critically.

These are just a few highlights from the 2016 Trends in Executive Development Report, to purchase the full report click here.

In addition, our senior consultants are available to deliver on-site strategy sessions with your leaders to explain the trends in more detail and help benchmark your organization. For more information on our strategy sessions, please contact Amy Ferris at amy.ferris@pearson.com.

***The 2016 Trends in Executive Development Report is the product of a collaborative partnership between Executive Development Associates, Inc. (EDA), Pearson’s TalentLens group, and Performance Assessment Network (PAN).


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