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Question: What’s more critical than good leadership? Answer: Nothing. Effective leaders help your business adapt quickly in a changing environment and maintain control in turbulent times. Today’s leaders need the ability to:

  • Engage employees in a shared vision,
  • Determine necessary adjustments to increase profitability,
  • Align values to achieve your organization’s long-term growth goals, and
  • Envision creative and cost-effective solutions to problems

TalentLens assessments can help you discover the natural guides among your employees and develop them into true trailblazers. Learn who has the potential to excel with ongoing training and development, who is ready for leadership/executive coaching, and what shape their individual development plans should take.

To Develop Use
Strategic Thinking Watson-Glaser
Leading Change Sosie & Golden
Creating a Vision and
Engaging Others
Watson-Glaser, Sosie & Golden
Inspiring Others Sosie & Golden
Understanding the
Total Enterprise
Watson-Glaser & Raven’s

Finding & Developing Future Leaders at Hay Group

“As a consultant who partners with organizations to select the right people for the right roles, the Watson-Glaser has been predictive in determining whether people have the problem-solving skills to be successful in today’s, fast-paced environment.”

— Amanda Jay, Hay Group

Building a Leadership Institute at the University of Iowa

“The Golden Personality Type Profiler is the cornerstone of the two-day Leadership Institute coordinated by the College of Engineering….… This experience not only provides insight into students’ own behaviors and attitudes, but also exposes students to others’ personal preferences and potential strengths and weaknesses….”

— Nancy Schneider, University of Iowa – College of Engineering

Executive Development Trends

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

John C Maxwell: The 17th Irrefutable Laws of Teamwork (2001, 185)