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Everyone brings specific strengths and values to a team. When these are out of balance or specific skills and strengths are lacking, this can lead to a poorly performing team. Taking the time to align team values and open the lines of communications can pay hefty dividends in the life of a project. TalentLens assessments can provide insight into your team’s potential strengths, as well as blind spots that may occur when some personality types are lacking. Engage teams and work toward the same clear vision of success with:

  • a deeper understanding of your team’s growth opportunities,
  • better appreciation of team members’ personal styles,
  • greater awareness of how to effectively interact with team members, and
  • a better perception of how your team can make the most of everyone’s talents.
To Enhance Use
Collaboration Golden
Self-Awareness Golden & Watson-Glaser
Communication Golden
Team Building Sosie & Golden
Values Alignment Sosie

Building Teams at Comcast

“Our workshops based on the results of the Golden Personality Type Profiler continue to receive the highest ratings and reviews. The user friendly on-line process produces insightful reports that are extremely useful in teambuilding and leadership development programs.”

— K. Biddle, Comcast

Growing a Coaching Practice With Golden

“I use the Golden Personality Type Profiler on a regular basis. The information that this report generates allows me to take coaching to a new level. It is a critical part of my overall assessment package.”

— Michael Scarpone, Scarpone and Associates

Multi-Generational Team Training

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Andrew Carnegie