entry-level ability

Assess targeted abilities
and aptitudes to determine how
a candidate will perform

Entry-Level Ability

Core Abilities Assessment

Quickly assess the building blocks of success in any job – verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.

Differential Aptitude Tests

Reliably assess various job aptitudes and skills with this proven test series.

General Clerical Test

Assess aptitude for success in any clerical position.

Minnesota Clerical Test

Use one of the best tests for clerical speed and accuracy.

Short Employment Tests

Predict an applicant’s performance in clerical and administrative jobs.

Occupational: Administrative Personnel

Measure an applicant’s verbal ability, speed and accuracy, and work styles such as attention to detail, dependability, and stress tolerance.

Occupational: Customer Service

Measure an applicant’s verbal and numerical ability, speed and accuracy, and customer-facing work styles such as concern for others, initiative, and persistence.

Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory – 2

Match interests with occupations for individuals with learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, or intellectual disability.


Ensure applicants and employees have the level of spoken language skills necessary to correctly assess a situation or understand a problem.