Gordon Personal Profile Inventory

Discover how a candidate might fit into your organization by assessing nine universal traits

Each job requires a unique combination of personality characteristics for optimal performance. The Gordon Personal Profile measures 9 important and universal traits that can help you make the right hire for virtually any position. Discover whether a candidate’s personality traits will be an asset to your organization.

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  • 9 Personality Traits:

    – Ascendancy
    – Responsibility
    – Stress Tolerance
    – Sociability
    – Self Esteem
    – Cautiousness
    – Original Thinking
    – Personal Relations
    – Vigor

Lens: Personality

Reading Level: 6th grade

Untimed: 30-35 minutes

Uses: Selection, job alignment, performance

Who is it for?

Front-line or professional staff in any position and industry

Sample Question: