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Pearson’s selection roots go back to 1925 when we developed the first tests to hire police officers. Today, we’re a leader in scientifically-valid assessments used across the world to identify the best candidates, put people in the right jobs, and hire for performance.

Stop searching the skies and use our TalentLens radar to assess the critical thinking skills, language acuity, and industry-specific aptitudes of incoming applicants. We provide multiple lenses to help you get a clear picture of an individual’s potential and their possible place in your organization.

To Identify Use
Drive, Motivation, Adaptability & More Workplace Personality
Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving Watson-Glaser & Raven’s
Financial Literacy Advanced Numerical
Learning Ability Watson-Glaser & Raven’s
Mechanical Aptitude Bennett Mechanical
English Speaking Versant
Basic Skills Core Abilities

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“Because Workplace Personality identifies traits such as cooperation, dependability and concern for others, it really fit into the culture we were trying to build. If, for example, someone scores high in concern for others and low in independence, we might explore that in the interview.”

— Barry Burns, VP of Human Resources, Methodist Healthcare System

Selecting the Right Candidates at Corrugated Services

“In our business, equipment utilization is critical to maintain margins. Our plan maintenance personnel’s problem solving skills and the ability to think outside the box are keys to maximizing utilization. The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test is essential in our hiring process to ensure we select the right candidates with these abilities. Our proactive approach to hiring has enabled us to select the right people for the right job helping reduce voluntary and involuntary turnover.”

— Kristi Schmidlap, HR Manager, Corrugated Services

“Time spent on hiring is time well spent.”

Robert Half