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Welcome to constant uncertainty. To succeed in today’s competitive global economy, companies need to be decisive and agile. Effective leaders have never been in greater demand. At the same time, baby boomers are getting ready to hang up their wings, making the skies uncertain for many organizations. It’s no wonder critical thinking, leadership, and strategy execution top the list of executive development concerns in nationwide research. The best and brightest executives need to foster trust in young leaders, build strong teams, and pilot the entire enterprise to success.

Pearson TalentLens and Executive Development Associates (EDA) have joined forces to help your leaders develop new skills for the new century. Our programs will prepare your emerging and senior leaders to excel in the uncertain times ahead.


Fill Your Leadership Runway



THINK Now! Training

Format: Half-day or full-day workshop.
Who is this for? Teams

Based on the book Now You’re Thinking! and the My Thinking Styles™ assessment, this workshop is the perfect introduction to critical thinking. Through inspiring storytelling, interactive exercises, and real-world examples, attendees will learn to master thinking skills that drive day-to-day decisions and problem solving. Bring THINK Now!™ Training to your organization today to help employees master effective thinking in their professional and personal lives. Learning objectives include:

// Learn the five-step critical thinking model

// Understand the seven thinking styles and your personal style

// Learn to approach work and relate to team members more effectively


Decades of Differences

Format: Half-day or full-day workshop.
Who is this for? Managers and Leaders

There’s a demographic storm brewing. How leaders handle this shift will determine whether your business profits or crashes. Our Decades of Differences workshop will help your leaders manage competing priorities, work styles, and personalities to build effective multi-generational teams. They will learn how to flex to meet each generational group in a personal and supportive way. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to discuss—and profit from—the generational storm. Learning objectives include:

// Learn the values, goals, and communication preferences of each generation

// Use the Golden Personality Type Profiler™ to better understand yourself and others

// Develop an action plan for managing, motivating, and building trust among generations


Critical Thinking Boot Camp

Format: Pre-work, 2-day workshop, and follow-up consultation.
Who is this for? Managers and Leaders

The best way to learn is by doing. That’s the idea behind our Critical Thinking Boot Camp, a two-day “action learning” course powered by the Watson-Glaser™ II Critical Thinking Appraisal. Participants—from managers to high-potentials and emerging leaders—develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills through an intensive, 3-phase development process. They will learn processes for creative problem solving and root cause analysis that will last a lifetime. Participants of a Boot Camp will:

// Identify personal critical thinking strengths and weaknesses

// Learn time-tested techniques for strategic thinking, problem solving, decision making, and planning & implementing

// Accomplish a tangible outcome by solving a real business problem


High-Potential Development

Format: Half-day to week-long based on organizational needs.
Who is this for? Managers and Emerging Leaders

Leaders and organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the immense value there is in building and maintaining their leadership talent pipelines. Our High-Potential Development program offers custom coaching, mentoring, and training options targeted to both high-potential individuals and emerging leaders. We can help you identify and cultivate the next generation of pilots within your organization. Learning objectives include:

// Learn important leadership ideas and perspectives regarding topics such as conflict management, financial acumen, building cohesive teams, and effective meetings

// Establish an internal network of working relationships that positively impact effectiveness and provide professional direction


Executive Coaching

Format: Coaching programs offered in 3-, 6-, or 12-month formats.
Who is this for? Mid and Senior Executives

Our Executive Coaching is a customized, one-on-one developmental experience for the professional who wishes to enhance his or her leadership, management, and career capabilities. The role of the coach is to help the client maximize performance. We do this by clarifying goals, developing action plans, teaching new skills, and eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of succeeding. In all of our executive coaching engagements, a collaborative partnership is created between the executive, the organization, and the executive coach. Most engagements include:

// Comprehensive battery of assessments

// On-site shadowing and feedback session with Individual Development Plan

// Meetings with the leader’s manager to share patterns and reporting process


Paragon Program

Format: Includes seminars, coaching, the Paragon community, and other resources.
Who is this for? Mid and Senior Executives

Are your senior leaders prepared to overcome whatever dynamic, ill-defined, and unpredictable challenges arise? Cognitive Readiness is one of the most important skills senior leaders need in order to make sound judgments in the face of extreme uncertainty. The Paragon Program brings elite cognitive development and cutting-edge instructional tactics to your senior executives so they can masterfully address the novel challenges that lie ahead. This one-of-a-kind program features:

// Innovative, researched-based modules on understanding your brain, honing your mind, building your acuity, cascading your expertise, and sustaining your edge

// Curriculum vetted by military leaders to develop advanced critical thinking and mental agility

// Individual mentorship and feedback to accelerate a leader’s development



Set a Course for Success


Cohesive Team Building

Format: Half-day or full-day workshop.
Who is this for? Teams

Our Cohesive Team Building program will open the doors of communication and teamwork. Using the Golden Personality Type Profiler™, participants will ignite a new self-awareness as they learn how their preferences and work style impacts the team. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to understand and identify the communication preferences of their colleagues and clients and “flex” their style when necessary. These characteristics are vital when building effective, lasting relationships. Participants will learn the importance of:

// Establishing a foundation of trust

// Setting a standard for commitment to decisions

// Implementing effective peer accountability

// Focusing on collective team results


Leading Through Change and Chaos

Format: Full-day workshop.
Who is this for? Managers and Leaders

Using the Golden Personality Type Profiler, our Leading Through Change and Chaos workshop helps participants understand the natural and predictable human reactions to change. This training delivers opportunities to openly discuss the pace and origin of your organizational change, and includes practical tools for directors and managers who are preparing for and navigating the impact of organizational change. Learning objectives include:

// Clearly separate change process issues from people issues

// Understand your own strengths and challenges in dealing with change

// Describe others’ potential responses to change based on their type

// Apply practical tools toward planning for and leading change efforts


Succession Planning

Format: Annual talent review meetings facilitated by EDA consultants.
Who is this for? Senior HR Leaders

Succession Planning ensures that your organization has high-quality leaders in all mission-critical positions, not just today, but tomorrow, next year, and five years from now. It is crucial for your leaders to take proactive steps to plan for future talent needs at all levels within the organization, to fill the leadership pipeline, and to develop a pool of high-potential leaders who are ready now when mission-critical positions become vacant. We partner with our clients to create a customized succession planning program that aligns with your organization’s vision and accelerates your strategy execution. Our Succession Planning program will:

// Identify your organization’s mission-critical positions

// Discover individuals who show promise and have the potential to become leaders

// Establish and utilize leadership competencies necessary to take your organization into the future


5 Steps to New Thinking

Who is this for? Individuals and Teams

A model, like a flight plan, helps you set the path to success. We will teach a five-step model from the inspiring book Now You’re Thinking! The book is the story of a diverse team of men and women who must apply critical thinking skills to save a young child’s life in Iraq. In our training, participants will learn to apply these same important steps while making their dayto-day and mission-critical decisions.

1. Stop and Think

2. Recognize Assumptions

3. Evaluate Information

4. Draw Conclusions

5. Plan of Action


Trends in Executive Development Report

Who is this for? Leadership Development Professionals

Our Trends in Executive Development benchmark report is based on survey results from senior leadership development professionals working in leading organizations. The report identifies best practices, emerging needs, top priorities and cutting-edge approaches to executive and leadership development. Executive Development Associates has published this biennial research report since 1983 and has partnered with Pearson TalentLens in this research since 2009. It is one of the best resources available for HR professionals and their executive counterparts to benchmark their organization’s strategies and processes for developing their most senior talent pool. Contact us if you want to participate in this research.

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