Raven’s Progressive Matrices™

Identify agile learners who can solve new and complex problems

It’s easy to get lost in new, complex information or concepts and misinterpret the problem. Raven’s Progressive Matrices assesses skills essential for professionals, managers, and high-flyers, including advanced observation and clear-thinking skills, efficient problem solving, abstract reasoning, and the ability to learn. Use Raven’s when you need one of the most trusted cognitive ability tests in the industry.

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  • Advanced observation & clear thinking skills
  • Analyzing & solving problems from complex information
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Ability to learn

GLOBAL PRODUCTInstructions & report available in US, UK, Australian, and Indian English, French, and Dutch

Lens: Professional Ability

Timed: 42 minutes for APM, 47 minutes for SPM

Uses: Selection, high-potential identification, high-level technical staffing, global staffing

A Great Assessment for Your Global Workforce

As a non-verbal measure, the test also provides a fairer measure of ability for individuals from different cultures because it is not influenced by language differences. This helps reduce cultural bias in your employee evaluations – an important benefit in today’s multicultural society and global workforce.

Advanced vs. Standard Progressive Matrices

Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) differentiates between people at the high end of intellectual ability. Commonly used for senior management positions and high level individual contributor positions (especially technical positions). Examples: software engineer; director level positions

Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) is commonly used for supervisory/entry level management positions and mid-level individual contributor positions. Examples: front line supervisor; purchasing agent

Sample Question (Easy)

Raven's APM Sample Question

"We have found the Raven’s APM to be a good measure of fluid intelligence and it is especially good where other ability tests could disadvantage candidates from different cultural and language backgrounds."

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