Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory – 2

Identify vocational interests of special populations

This nonverbal test illustrates job tasks to help individuals with learning disabilities or intellectual disabilities choose the activities they would most like to do.

Zoom In On At A Glance
  • Identify areas and patterns of interest to assist with occupational planning and job placement
  • A series of 55 sets of three drawings each depict different jobtasks. The individual selects the most preferred activity in each set.

Lens: Entry-Level Ability

Age: 13 years and older

Timed: 20 minutes

Uses: Career Guidance

What does it do?

Matches Interests with Occupations for Individuals with Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbance, or Intellectual Disability

Interest areas include:

    – Automotive
    – Building Trades
    – Clerical
    – Animal Care
    – Food Service
    – Patient Care
    – Horticulture
    – Housekeeping
    – Personal Service
    – Laundry Service
    – Materials Handling