Short Employment Tests

Predict an applicant’s performance in clerical and administrative jobs

In just a few minutes, obtain test results to choose applicants most likely to succeed in jobs requiring verbal skills, rapid and accurate computational skills, or accurate coding and retrieval of information. Easily administer numerical, verbal and clerical tests separately or as a complete battery. The Verbal test measures word knowledge and vocabulary. The Numerical test measures basic math. And the Clerical test requires the applicant to locate a name in an alphabetical list and then read and code a dollar figure associated with that name.

Zoom In On At A Glance
  • Numerical skills
  • Verbal skills
  • Clerical aptitude

Lens: Entry-Level Ability

Reading Level: 5th grade

Timed: 5 minutes per test, 15 minutes for complete battery

Uses: Selection

Who is it for?

Entry-level staff and anyone performing administrative tasks