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Assess Personality & Values In One Instrument

SOSIE – 2nd Generation answers fundamental questions raised by any selection process, guidance or coaching. The Profile Report reveals the strengths and areas for further development of one’s behavioral style. A profile of standardized scores displays the 20 basic dimensions of SOSIE. Multiple international versions are available.

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  • Assess 20 different personality traits for professional development:

    – Dominance
    – Responsibility
    – Stress Resistance
    – Sociability
    – Cautiousness
    – Original Thinking
    – Personal Relations
    – Vigor
    – Support
    – Conformity
    – Recognition
    – Independence
    – Benevolence
    – Power
    – Materialism
    – Achievement
    – Variety
    – Conviction
    – Orderliness
    – Goal Orientation

GLOBAL PRODUCTAvailable in US, UK, Australian, and Indian English, French, and Dutch

Lens: Personality

Untimed: 30 – 40 minutes

Uses: Employee development, team building, career coaching and counseling, and job alignment

Sample Questions