Advanced Numerical Reasoning

When being “good with numbers” is part of the job description

The Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (ANRA) measures higher-level numerical reasoning—a vital ability for employees who need to make decisions using financial statements, trends and statistics, sales data, performance metrics, and other information. Think of it as the equivalent of Watson-Glaser “with numbers.” ANRA can accurately predict a candidate’s ability to identify the most important information from a set of data, compare complex quantitative information, and break down information into essential parts.

Zoom In On At A Glance
  • A person’s ability to select important data for decision making
  • Candidates who can learn numerical and financial concepts quickly
  • The financial literacy of non-financial managers

Lens: Professional Ability

Untimed: 30-35 minutes

Uses: Selection, job alignment, performance

Who is it for?

This assessment is a great tool for evaluating management, sales and marketing, accounting, finance and insurance, and professionals in virtually every position and industry. ANRA is proven to predict the ability to use quantitative reasoning to solve problems, learn numerical concepts quickly, recognize similarities and differences, and accurately assess the value of assets.

Sample Question

Across financial occupations, ANRA predicted analysis and problem solving (r = .32), judgment and decision making (r = .36), quantitative/professional knowledge and expertise (r = .36), total job performance (r = .44), and overall potential (r = .31).

ANRA Validity Studies