Differential Aptitude Tests for PCA®

Measure any combination of job aptitudes with these proven tests

Reliably assess job aptitudes and skills using this series of 6-20 minute tests that have stood the test of time. Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT) can determine an applicant’s general cognitive abilities and aptitudes across a wide range of occupations. DAT tests are also used to predict success in a training program and overall job performance.

Zoom In On At A Glance
  • General cognitive abilities
  • Perceptual abilities
  • Clerical and language skills

Lens: Entry-Level Ability

Reading Level: 6th grade

Timed: See Table Below

Uses: Selection, predict training success

Who is it for?

Each DAT test is used to assess aptitudes suitable for various occupations.

Test What It Does
Max Time
Verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning measures general cognitive ability in positions requiring higher order thinking skills Any 20 minutes
Numerical Ability
Numerical Ability tests the understanding of numerical relationships and facility in handling numerical concepts

Project Manager
Shipping Clerk

20 minutes
Abstract Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning is a nonverbal measure of the ability to perceive relationships in abstract figure patterns

Skilled Trades
Computer Programming
Auto Repair

15 minutes
Mechanical Reasoning Mechanical Reasoning closely parallels the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test and measures the ability to understand basic mechanical principles of machinery, tools, and motion

Maintenance Worker

20 minutes
Space Relations
Space Relations measures the ability to visualize a three-dimensional object from a two-dimensional pattern, and how this object would look if rotated

Clothing Design

15 minutes
Language Usage
Language Usage measures the ability to detect errors in grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
Any 12 minutes

DAT Predicts Training Success

DAT is shown to predict training success (e.g., r = .46 to .48 for computer programmers) and job performance (e.g., r = .24 to .31 for administrative, technical, and engineering employees) for a wide range of occupations.

Did you know?

DAT is strongly correlated with other well-known aptitude tests such as the GATB (r = .62 to .81 for tests intended to tap similar aptitudes) and ASVAB (r =.73 to .79 for tests intended to tap similar aptitudes).