RAVEN’S™ Progressive Matrices

Identify Lateral Thinkers and Problem Solvers.

RAVEN’S™ is an industry-wide measure of general ability designed to identify individuals with clear thinking (cognitive) skills who can handle the complexity of the modern workplace.

RAVEN’S™ specifically measures the ability to:

  • think laterally
  • learn and “pick things up” quickly
  • solve unfamiliar problems and tasks without drawing on previous knowledge or experience.

In the workplace, RAVEN’S™ is primarily used in recruitment to assess these abilities that are required for success in many roles. RAVEN’S™ is also used to predict the likely learning agility of applicants to adult and higher education training courses. The occupational versions are designed to assess adults (aged 16 and above).

RAVEN’S™ assessments contain a number of items. The test-taker is asked to find the missing pattern in a series of matrices. These become progressively harder requiring greater thought process to analyze and encode the sequence.

RAVEN’S is Ability Assessment for Your Local or Global Workforce

As a non-verbal measure, the test also provides a fairer measure of ability for individuals from different cultures because it is not influenced by language differences. This helps reduce cultural bias in your employee evaluations – an important benefit in today’s multicultural society and global workforce.

RAVEN’S™ has two occupational versions available for use in the workplace:

Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) more commonly used for a wide range of job roles at entry to mid-level.
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Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) (containing harder items) is used widely in the recruitment of supervisory, managerial, executive, professional and graduate level roles across all industry sectors. APM was designed to discriminate among those with scores in the top 25% of the SPM distribution.

Both of these versions are only intended for the assessment of adults in a work context. They should not be confused with RAVEN’S™ educational tests that are designed to assess cognition in children.
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RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices

RAVEN’S™ APM At A Glance
  • Assesses advanced observation and clear thinking skills
  • Analyzes ability to solve new and complex problems
  • Predicts ability to grasp new concepts quickly
  • 23 items
  • Timed test (up to 40 minutes)
  • Paper (APM-II) and online (APM-III) item-banked versions available
  • Appropriate for supervised and unsupervised completion
  • Suitable for assessing supervisory, managerial, graduate and executive candidates across all industry sectors.

Two versions are available online: APM-II and now APM-III. Both contain the same number of items (23) at the same level of difficulty. The two versions are equivalent in that a group of people taking both versions of the test achieved the same scores in both tests.


APM-II is a fixed form version designed specifically for supervised (proctored) testing. APM-II online is being retired and will be replaced with APM-III. APM-II and other versions of RAVEN’S APM are available in paper format in certain countries. Please check with your local TalentLens office.

APM-II test is available in paper format in the following languages: UK English and Indian English.


APM-III is the new item-banked online version of the test. It was designed to help recruiters effectively, objectively and efficiently screen applicants’ cognitive ability levels in both unsupervised and supervised settings.

APM-III contains twenty-three items that are generated from a bank of over one hundred items. The item-bank ensures no two test takers will receive the same set of questions. There are also four practice items.

For those customers who have used RAVEN’S™ APM-II, APM-III has equivalence to APM-II with a correlation of 0.97.

Both APM-II and III are timed tests (up to 40 minutes) containing 4 practice questions and 23 scored items. APM-III contains 2 optional research items at the end that are not scored.


Benefits of the new RAVEN’S™ APM-III assessment include:

  • the questions are drawn from a large bank: no two test takers receive the
    same set of questions, protecting the integrity of the test
  • the test is online for unsupervised (or supervised) completion
  • equivalent in length and difficulty to previous fixed form version of APM.

APM Languages

  • English: US
  • English: Australian
  • English: United Kingdom
  • English: India
  • English: Singapore
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French: France
  • French: Canadian
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese: Brazil
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish: US
  • Spanish: Castilian


The following norms are currently available for APM-III. Norms will be updated periodically.

Country Manager Directors Executives Professional/individual
General Adult
USA check check check check
UK check        
Australia check        
India check        
France check        
Germany check        
Singapore         check
Holland check        
Brazil         check

For countries with no specific norm we recommend using the US manager norm.


RAVEN’S™ Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM)

The construct of SPM is identical to APM and both tests measure the same abilities. It is most commonly, but not exclusively, used to assess entry-level blue and white collar, supervisory and non-managerial roles.

A number of versions are available in paper format but only one, SPM-II (version 2) is available online.

SPM-II At A Glance
  • Assesses advanced observation and clear thinking skills at all levels
  • Analyzes ability to solve new and complex problems
  • Predicts ability to grasp new concepts quickly
  • 28 items
  • Timed test (up to 45 minutes)
  • Designed for supervised completion

SPM-II Languages

  • English: US
  • English: Australian
  • English: United Kingdom
  • English: India
  • Dutch

SPM paper

SPM-II is not available in paper format but there are 60 item versions of SPM and it is possible to compare scores obtained on SPM-II with SPM; A conversion table is available showing the correlation of raw scores between SPM-II and Standard Progressive Matrices from which SPM-II was developed.

Please contact your local TalentLens office for details of paper versions of SPM.

SPM-II Norms

The following norms are currently available for SPM-II. Norms will be updated periodically.

Country HR professionals Managers Professional individual contributors Sales Reps Employed adults
USA check check check check check


RAVEN’S Online Products

Item Number Description and Language 2017 Price
RAVEN’S APM-III for proctored and unproctored testing
0150019807 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – AU (Australian) $26.00
0150019904 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – US $26.00
0150019815 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – UK $26.00
0150019823 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – DE (German) $26.00
0150019831 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – NL (Dutch) $26.00
015001984X RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – FR (French) $26.00
0150019858 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – FR-CA (French-Canadian) $26.00
0150019866 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – NO (Norwegian) $26.00
0150019874 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – DK (Danish) $26.00
0150019882 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – SE (Swedish) $26.00
0150019890 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – IN (Indian English) $26.00
0150019912 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – PT-BR (Brazilian-Portuguese) $26.00
0150019939 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – IT (Italian) $26.00
0150019947 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – JA (Japanese) $26.00
0150019955 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – ZH (Simplified Chinese) $26.00
0150019963 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – ES (Castilian Spanish) $26.00
0150019971 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – ES-LA (US-Spanish) $26.00
The following RAVEN’S APM-III is only available to existing clients until 31 Dec 2017. It has been replaced by item 0150019904.
0150015445 RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) – Item Banked $26.00
Other RAVEN’S products suitable only for proctored testing
0150004745 RAVEN’S™ SPM (2.0) $26.00
0150004753 RAVEN’S™ SPM+ $26.00
0150686005 RAVEN’S™ APM (2.0) $26.00

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Raven's APM Sample Question

"We have found the Raven’s APM to be a good measure of fluid intelligence and it is especially good where other ability tests could disadvantage candidates from different cultural and language backgrounds."

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