Presenter(s): Mary Ann Hansen, Senior Research Director

Many businesses today have woken up to the predictive power of personality assessments. A valid measure of personality can help hiring managers to select candidates with certain soft skills and will contribute to better job satisfaction and success. Work Style Lens is a new publication with the most up-to-date data behind it. Measuring 16 different work styles and generating user-friendly profile reports, join this session to learn about how Work Style Lens can help you identify candidates with the right potential for any job.  

Presenter(s): Christina Pineda, Assessment Consultant

There’s never a dull moment at TalentLens! We are always working hard to provide you the latest and greatest in hiring and development solutions. In this session, you will learn about our recently published titles, and some very exciting tools that are just on the horizon.

Presenter(s): Jason Tomassini, Senior Assessment Consultant

As more and more organizations work globally it is important to understand how language proficiency contributes to working efficiently and the customer experience. This session will look at three different language proficiency scenarios, hiring, development, and setting organizational standards, and how they can lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Presenter(s): Fabio Sanci, Assessment Consultant

Learn more about federally accepted job databases like Canada’s National Occupation Classification, and America’s O*NET. See for yourself how to leverage these tools to better understand the skills required for roles you are hiring for, learn how to write more accurate job descriptions, and utilize a few assessments from the TalentLens library to make better hires!