Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal III


The Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal—a leading critical thinking test—assists organizations in making data-driven decisions for staffing and development. This latest edition is an item-banked version whereby questions are drawn from a large pool.

Completion time:

30 minutes (global version for selection/development).  An un-timed version is available in US English for development interventions.



Report Options:

Profile and Development reports available

Other languages:

US, UK, Indian, and Australian English, US Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, French, and Canadian French


Unproctored or supervised

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Product Details

Thousands of organizations, colleges and schools use this critical thinking assessment to hire great employees, develop high-potential employees, and admit students into challenging programs.


  • Assess decision making and critical thinking for entry-level through executive positions in all industries.
  • Measure logical reasoning skills of lawyers, insurance analysts, police officers, airline pilots and IT professionals.
  • Professional development for current and future leaders.
  • Measure student potential and work readiness.
  • Scores are based on our “RED” critical thinking model: Recognize Assumptions, Evaluate Arguments, Draw Conclusions.


The new edition of the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal includes the following features:

  • Item-banked format enables unsupervised (unproctored) screening of job applicants, increases item security, and protects test validity.
  • Randomly-selected questions, making it unlikely that two individuals receive the same test.
  • New timed version promotes a consistent candidate experience.
  • Improved profile report shows standardized scores and more detailed description of subtest performance.
  • New bank of business-relevant questions suitable for international use; and new platform functionality to add a custom norm, delay test administration, or combine Watson-Glaser with other ability tests.
  • Scores are available in a profile report (see overall and subtest performance, can-do statements, and standardized scores) and development report (build a custom learning and development plan to enhance an individual's skills).


The following resources are available for WG-III:

Free Critical Thinking Training

Critical Thinking eBook 

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The efficacy report summarizes the evidence informing the design and use of the test, as well as implementation profiles from real users.

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