SOSIE Manager Competency Report


Assess the fit of individual competencies to those required for managerial success


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SOSIE” is a French word translating as “a perfect resemblance to another”. Originally developed in Europe over 30 years ago, the SOSIE is an online assessment online questionnaire measuring personality traits, and interpersonal and personal values in one, single instrument.

Measuring the How AND Why of Behaviour

Personality measures how we do something (e.g. a tendency to focus on big picture vs focus on detail), and our preferred ways of behaving.

Values measure why we do something (e.g. enjoying striving to master a difficult problem). Our values are what motivate us and encourge us to behave in a certain way.

The SOSIE Manager Report has been designed to help in the process of hiring and developing managers and supervisors across all industry sectors by measuring both personality traits as well as values. This Report presents an individual’s fit to eight soft skills competencies that have been identified, through careful research, as important for success in most managerial and supervisory roles. An individual’s responses to this questionnaire determine the level of fit related to these eight personality and value traits. The level of fit—shown in the SOSIE Manager Report—allows individuals to be compared; those with desired levels may be more likely to perform better in the role, hence stay within the profession or position than those with a lower fit.

Features and Benefits of the SOSIE Manager Competency Report:

  • Interview questions provided to further explore results
  • User-friendly, with no formal training required to administer and interpret reports
  • Results presented in clear business language, including a simple table illustrating level of fit across eight widely-observed managerial competentices
  • Cost-effective
  • Fair, consistent and objective way to compare level of fit between individuals
  • Well-researched and validated instrument
  • Available in several languages

When used in conjunction with other assessment tools and methods such as resumes, interviews, the SOSIE Manager Competency Report is designed to offer valuable insight that can contribute to decisions in recruitment, intermal promotion/succession planning, employee development/coaching, career guidance/interventions.


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