Work Style Lens

This is the newest edition of the Workplace Personality Inventory. Work Style Lens measures 16 work styles and organizes the results into four broad and easy-to-interpret performance themes: relating to people, dealing with emotions, approaching work, and thinking styles.


Publication date:
September, 2020
Completion time:
25-35 minutes (Untimed)

Product Details


  • Make confident decisions during hiring and recruiting with meaningful insight into how a candidate's personality will influence their workplace behavior
  • Produce results that indicate a person's likelihood to be leadership oriented, tolerant of stress, inclined to independent work, and much more


The new Work Style Lens includes the following features:

  • Updated norms including a larger sample size to ensure results are accurate, up-to-date and stable
  • Simplified Profile Report organizes job-traits into four easily understood themes
  • All new descriptions for each scale to better reflect how each score might relate to actual workplace behavior
  • Maps directly to the O*NET – the largest database of its kind that provides up-to-date information about the importance of these work styles for over 900 occupations
  • Includes an "unlikely virtues" scale to help detect falsified responses
  • Ease of administration with no required training before purchase

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The following resources are available for WS-Lens: