Workplace Personality Inventory | Second Edition


Workplace Personality Inventory Second Edition (WPI-II) builds upon the original WPI test. It measures 16 work styles directly tied to the Department of Labor's O*Net database of key traits for a wide range of jobs.


Completion time:

25-35 minutes (Untimed)



Product Details

WPI-II summarizes job-related traits in six broad and easy-to-interpret performance areas: achievement, social influence, interpersonal, self adjustment, conscientiousness, and practical intelligence.


  • Understand insights on leadership, initiative, innovation, and more.
  • Identify predictors of flexibility, dependability, attention to detail, and more.


The new edition of the Workplace Personality Inventory includes the following features:

  • Sixteen work style scales summarized under the six factors of workplace success.
  • A fake-resistant "Unlikely Virtues" scale is designed to identify individuals who provide overly favorable responses to questions.
  • New development report provides feedback on all sixteen work style scales and the six new domain scales.
  • Includes development suggestions that are personalized for the employee based on his or her scores, and provides step-by-step directions for how to begin and implement a development plan.
  • Improved scale reliability by using slightly more items (192 versus 167) that only increase administration time by five minutes.


The following resources are available for WPI-II.

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