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7 Items found in Personality
  • Gordon Personal Profile Inventory (GPP-I)
    The Gordon Personal Profile (GPP-I) measures nine important and universal traits that can help organizations make the right hire for virtually any position.
  • My Thinking Styles
    The My Thinking Styles™ assessment is a personal/professional development tool designed to evaluate thinking styles — how an individual tends to approach situations and make decisions.
  • SOSIE Manager Competency Report (SOSIE)
    Assess the fit of individual competencies to those required for managerial success
  • THINK Now Critical Thinking Workshop (THINK Now!)
    An immersive experience designed to develop critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills in its participants.
  • Work Style Lens (WS-Lens)
    This is the newest edition of the Workplace Personality Inventory. Work Style Lens measures 16 work styles and organizes the results into four broad and easy-to-interpret performance themes: relating to people, dealing with emotions, approaching work, and thinking styles.
  • Workplace Personality Inventory (WPI)
    Using Department of Labor occupational data, Workplace Personality Inventory (WPI) anticipates behavior, predicts job fit and satisfaction, and assesses work-related personality traits to help screen applicants. 
  • Workplace Personality Inventory | Second Edition (WPI-II)
    Workplace Personality Inventory Second Edition (WPI-II) builds upon the original WPI test. It measures 16 work styles directly tied to the Department of Labor's O*Net database of key traits for a wide range of jobs.