Workplace Personality Inventory™ – II

Recruit & coach early career professionals by assessing 6 key drivers of performance

Do you want to predict a candidate’s on-the-job behavior — or coach a new hire or college recruit so they reach their potential faster? The Workplace Personality Inventory – II is a flexible personality assessment that builds upon the original Workplace Personality Inventory, measuring 16 work styles directly tied to the Department of Labor’s O*Net database of key traits for a wide range of jobs. To enhance interpretation and to support a development intervention by a Manager/Coach, the Workplace Personality Inventory-II summarizes these job-related traits in 6 broad and easy-to-interpret performance areas. An updated Profile Report and a new Development Report are available.

Zoom In On At A Glance
  • 6 key drivers of performance

    – Achievement
    – Social Influence
    – Interpersonal
    – Self Adjustment
    – Conscientiousness
    – Practical Intelligence

  • Insights on leadership, initiative, innovation and more
  • Predictors of flexibility, dependability, attention to detail and more

Lens: Personality

Untimed: 25-35 minutes

Uses: Selection, job alignment, performance

Available in U.S. English

What’s New?

  • Revised Profile Report that includes six Domain scales (Six Drivers of Work Performance). The sixteen work style scales are now summarized under these broad factors of workplace success. A fake-resistant “Unlikely Virtues” scale is designed to identify individuals who provide overly favorable responses to questions.

  • New Development Report, which provides feedback on all sixteen Work Style scales and the six new Domain scales. The report features development suggestions that are personalized for the employee based on his or her scores, and provides step-by-step directions for how to begin and implement a development plan based on Workplace Personality Inventory-II feedback.

  • The Workplace Personality Inventory II has improved scale reliability by using slightly more items (192 versus 167) that only increase administration time by five minutes.



Combine Ability + Personality assessment for the best predictor of job performance

BMCT Case Study
BMCT Case Study

Sample Question

16 Key Work Styles That Tie to Success In Any Job:

  • Achievement/Effort
  • Persistence
  • Initiative
  • Leadership Orientation
  • Cooperation
  • Concern for Others
  • Social Orientation
  • Independence
  • Self Control
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Dependability
  • Attention to Detail
  • Integrity/Rule Following
  • Innovation
  • Analytical thinking

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